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Q: Where are Cotswold Silent Discos based?

A: Gloucestershire, but our hire service means we can deliver across the Uk.

Q: How much does silent disco cost?

A: Prices vary on your requirements and we have many different options so it’s up to you. Dry hire starts from only £60 for 10 headsets and includes return delivery. Visit our bookings page for prices and online booking and payment.

Q: How do I book?

A: Visit our bookings and payment page or if you prefer the personal service please give Laura a call on 07966 217441

Q: Do I need to pay a deposit?

A: We require full payment at time of booking. We offer a 50% refund should you need to cancel up to 4 weeks prior to your event. If you need to cancel within 4 weeks unfortunately you will lose the total value of payment. However, we will offer you a second chance and a new delivery day as long as within 6 months of your original booking. Please note that we will only offer this option the once.

Q: What happens if I break or lose something?

A: Our LED Silent Disco headphones are heavy duty and are extremely robust. However, if you are to damage something beyond repair or lose anything then this will be chargeable at: £20 per headset, £30 per transmitter and £50 per music device (if booked).

Q: What does dry hire mean?

A: A dry-hire is our simple headphone and transmitter hire, to dry hire means your headphones will be delivered by our courier the day before the party and collected the day or Monday after.

Q: Can I connect a Laptop/iPod/Phone?

A: Yes we will provide you any cable you require for your device whether it is an iPod, iPhone or Television! You can even have your own DJ plug straight in.

Q: Where can I have a silent disco?

A: Anywhere! The beauty of silent disco is that it can take place pretty much anywhere. All you need is power for the transmitters.

Q: How do I set it up?

A: Our equipment is so easy to set up plug and play. You will receive comprehenise instructions with the order and by email.

Q: What is the range of the transmitter and headphones?

A: Our transmitters have a range of up to 250m with seamless music.

Q: How long do the headphones last?

A: All headphones have a battery life of 8-10 hours on a full charge, all headphones will arrive fully charged so you can party all night long.

Q: Are we ECO friendly?

A: YES, All our headphones are fully rechargeable and do not use batteries.

Q: Are the headphones child friendly?

A: Yes, our headphones are fully adjustable so are suitable for children. We use lightweight, comfortable, padded headphones.

Q: How do I return the headphones?

A: Dry hire means the headphones will be delivered and collected by our courier (DPD), they will text you with an hour’s delivery slot so you can ensure someone is in. They will then be collected by courier or by one of our team.

Q: Do I need any power?

A: Yes. The transmitters do require power to operate however the headphones are battery wireless and can last 8-10 hours.